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Description de l’activité de l’entreprise

APROPLAN is the leading Belgian construction management app that provides digital solutions for construction, facilities management and construction-related processes. It has been used successfully in construction collaborations of different scales, BIM-integrated ventures, and in projects that demand strict building compliance. APROPLAN helps firms ease into the digital built environment while increasing project efficiency and boosting profits.

APROPLAN allows you to monitor the progress of your teams and saves up to 75% of your time through effective collaboration. Whether you’re an architect, an engineer, or just want to renovate your home, APROPLAN will help you achieve your building goals.

Type(s) de profil recherché

Ingénieur ( project manager) , informaticien ( Développeur, Web designer) vendeur spécialisé en construction

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Isaline Letor
Recruitment Manager
0470 60 30 06